Vanguard Princess

I found Vanguard Princess from a thread on, I’m a really big fighting game fan so it was a sure thing I would give it a go.

First off it’s free to download and play which is amazing for what it is, however it’s a little bit of a hassle to get working. Vanguard Princess is a windows only programme so if you haven’t got parallels for mac or access to a Windows machine your out of luck. Also its Japanese language only so you also need the Asian Language pack installed on your copy of windows.

So on with the install, If like me you are installing it on a Windows 7 you need a programme called Windows AppLocale However this programme is not supported by Windows 7 so it wont let you just download and click the installer.
Here’s how to install AppLocale on Windows 7:
1. Place the AppLocale installer (apploc.msi) in your C: drive.
2. Go to your start menu, type cmd in the search box.
3. Hold down crtl+shift and click on cmd.exe.
4. Select Yes when a dialog asks if you want the program to make chances to your computer.
5. The command prompt should show C:\Windows\System32.
6. Type cd\ and press enter to navigate to the C: drive.
7. Type apploc.msi and press enter, the installer will appear.
8. Install the application.

It sounds more complicated than it really is.

The game has a lot more in common with something like Guilty Gear than Street Fighter, which might not be to everyones taste but play the game and your’ll be amazing how complete the experience is since it was mostly developed by one person.

Is available for download here:-

And Developer blog here:-