macbook pro optibay

So last year while I was in New York in I picked up at the time apples new 15′ i7 macbook pro. Since I’ve had the machine it’s been flawless, awesome screen much faster than my mid 2008 iMac all round a great package. But one thing I’ve never used is the Superdrive.  Transferring files I normally just connect over the network, anything bigger than a 1 gb I normally use a usb stick, it back ups via the time capsule which I also use as storage.

Like the floppy disk before it, are the optical disc obsolete?

I’m sure if you were to ask sony they would claim their Bluray is more relevant than ever but I disagree. As internet bandwidth increases and price of data storage drops, the place for removable storage like the DVD and Bluray is fast collapsing.

As such I’ve been looking at one of these to replace the super drive with an SSD. After looking around I’ve found a load of similar products on eBay from Hong Kong which in all likely hood is where MCE have their bays manufactured.

I’ll post an update as and when this gets off the ground.